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Feinstein’s Secret Torture Probe

May 5, 2009

It’s time to get real about this and lay it out on the table because the Tin Foil hat crowd are burning bridges.  No, people dont believe in “torture”.  But torture is not the issue at hand. It’s these conspiracy theories and remarks that border on unhinged accusing people of heinous crimes to include soldiers.  This “war crimes” in Iraq narrative will end up coming back to haunt the Democratic party.  This is why when people hear the world “liberal” they cringe.  Because you don’t seem to comprehend that everytime you state “war crimes” were committed in Iraq. You fail to understand that WE ARE THE ONES THERE. Bush and Cheyney were not deployed in Iraq so where were these “war crimes” committed.

And just a side note. For the detractors that visit. If you rush to *prove* and write a article attempting to find *horrible* manufactured stories about soldiers to *prove* some kind of war crime theory.  Maybe someone should ask you why you are so intent on making us look bad when we all should be on the same side. Because at this point, I am seriously wondering why if inidviudals believe this. Why did it take so long considering our side had the majority, to man up and do the so called right thing. In other words,  I look at inidviduals like this as suspect because if this “probe” was so “secret”. Why is it broadcasted everywhere on Daily Kos?

Maybe they should ALL be investigated by independent council to include an ethics committee for sowing chaos and intentionally causing divide instead of explaining why on some issues in the last administration happen to still be the same now.  THIS is why I think about not being affliliated with these parties because this is just apparent and pathetic.

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