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May 5, 2009

When I am wrong, I am wrong and I admit it.  I’m wrong. 100%.  Senator Leahy was correct in stating we need ALL information provided to move on. This administration was right about transparency.  National Security is at stake. Therefore, I am 100 percent for releasing all information that could damage national security and place this nation in danger. So all the information requested should be seen by the one thing that binds this nation together: the People.  So I have a list of things that I want to see released to the public since the Democratic party believes in transparancy to move forward.  Get on board Republicans, get on board.

Cause, see, I cant *move forward* until I see a couple of things, you know, transparency and all to move on.  Because now that they have gone on record stating that our laws are important, I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that now.  All information requested will now be bought forward. NOW.  We should all aid in ensuring that we remain a nation of laws. Because no one is above it. I applaud these *truth commissions* cause I like the truth. Love it in fact.  I love our laws as well.  Republicans AND Democrats need to join in together and make sure that all information is released. No picking and choosing or watering down information, or creating it.  If you have the information and it holds weight, is legitimate, than lets roll.

Let’s show the world we lead from the front. If crimes were committed by those who believes themselves to be above the law? Prosecute them bitches to the fullest EXTENT of the law.  We are not prosecuting  legal advice, or opinions made by legal council of another administration  who were asked for advice. That’s straight bullshit, if that’s the case, no laywers would ever offer an opinion if they will later turn around and be sued. Especially when our elected officials were there the entire time and knew what was happening the entire time.    Na’h we are holding accountable and need to prosecute those who have blatantly no hold bars down violated our laws and constitution.

 It does not matter what group they belong to, what color they are, where they live what they do or anything else. And on a side note, it the MSM wants to water the truth down for anyone? Hell, cut it off, you dont have to watch anything. They work for us.  We are setting a dangerous precedent during a crucial time when we have so much at stake world wide from Pakistan, to Afghanistan to Iraq and China. Playtime is over and only the strong will survive.

Now that this has been put out there the countdown now begins.  Will we be a nation of laws or a lawless nation?

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