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No Hope but There is Inspiration which Leads to Solutions

May 6, 2009

There are many memorable moments that impact a persons life.  Events that will transpire that will either set you on a path or road to discovery.  Challenge your way of thinking or questioning the actions of those around you.  Good days and bad days, and days you do just enough to get by.  But despite the road to discovery, whether the information is favorable to you, or unfavorable, the road to the truth and personal discovery sometimes end up being something that you may not want to know, or may not want to see, or even worse, something you may not want to believe.  But the thing with “truth” is that despite whatever words spoken, one thing you just cannot hide are actions.  Because threw it all, no matter how your mouth is moving, your actions will always speak louder than words.  There are very few individuals on the political scene that I hold respect for that reside in the Democratic party.  And as of right now, the Secretary of State is the last one standing. Not based on being “female”, please. It was based on the same exact qualities that I witness in many of our leaders, other soldiers. 

  • The ability to do your job in some of the worst circumstances when everyone seems to throw obstacles in you way.  Attempting to get a message across while there are those who attack the message without even bothering to listen to what the message is about. Perseverance. 
  • The ability to get out there and fight for a party that didn’t even attempt to fight for you while they called you everything but a child of god. And when that wasn’t enough, they made things up and called you racist while all stating to stand aside and step down. Loyalty and Courage
  • Stating live on air during a interview that if you didn’t win, you would get out there and campaign long and campaign hard, you, and President Clinton. Even when we knew, had proof, seen, viewed and watched Acorn literally bring the dead back to vote to include mickey mouse making donations, and utube videos posted showing there actions. She still got out there and stated she would do everything in her power to ensure she supported the Democratic ticket.  Honor
  • She told us the truth. She stated what she would do, when some wanted her to take her 18 million and go to Denver and have a knock down drag out fight right there live on the floor. You damn real we would of stood with her.  Even when no one wanted to hear that she would campaign for the individuals who were no more than common thugs. Who terrorized her supporters, made threats, hacked blogs, hacked emails, spread lies and called names.  Integrity
  • She took a break but came back out and kept her word because she understood something more important.  But the day after the convention when Gov Palin came on the scene and those poll numbers began to hit the ground as the white women left the ticket scattering like roaches when the lights are turned on (no offense).  The cry went out loud and clear for her to come back on the scene because we were close to saying President McCain and Vice President Palin , lie to yourself if you want, but let the record show.  Until they called her back out to state she would never ever eva run for President because some  people like myself was willing to have McCain and Palin in 2008 to have our SOS in 2012.  Duty
  • She could of quit because it was already pre ordained. Not by clergy but the *party elite*.  Something like how Spector was so 100 percent sure he has the PA primary in the bag. History is repeating itself once again.  But instead of quitting when they were all against her. She continued on the path as the obstacles known as Olberman, Brazile, Martin and other haters threw a whole bunch of trash known as there opinion out there.  From the back of a pick up truck to dirt roads in the middle of damn near nowhere.  She got her message out there despite it all, despite the name calling and the words that when you listen to now, you cant even believe that a former First Lady, Senator and Presidential candidate could be treated with such lack of respect is damn near amazing.  Because she dared to not quit  when they wanted and they had no clue or idea why.  They asked themselves “why”?  Why would anyone keep on going when the MSM did too her what they threatened to do to the man from Chrysler.  THAT is an example of what that threat means. Selfless Service

That, this is the reason why I am able to support and relate and support our Secretary of State because these attributes are familiar to me. They are known to me. They are are Army Values almost in reverse.



It doesn’t matter that I came to this party based on what I witnessed during the primary.  That it was exciting to witness someone exhibit what I was familiar with and so many other military women, and  military spouses when normally we are ignored, or forgotten or taken off the shelf for the prerequisite photo.

You can only look back on these things as you witness how hard this administration will go to keep the “torture” debate live and well.  Too the point they will scramble for any small piece of *evidence* to not support national security measures and those who fight and work for it.  It’s embarrassing. It’s saddening. It’s shameful.  To watch so many grasp for straws because without them they have no idea how to govern.  They will strip away any and everything, motivation, morale, just to cater to one group of individuals when they should cater to all of us.  How many? How many individuals will be bought out in the next four years who have just “discovered” or “remembered” a memo drafted on a computer five or six years ago that may have or may not have agreed with a opinion or piece of legislation that will all of a sudden be *remembered* when things start looking bad?

Where were the individuals in question when the last administration was in power that stood up and fought for this? Cowards. Anyone unable to stand up for what they believe in because it may or may not be popular at the moment is a coward. I dont want anyone representing me that has zero idea about how to fight. If you are speaking the truth with our countries best interest at heart and are willing to get out there and fight to get your message heard even when there are those throwing the kitchen sink and the house at you all at once. It wont matter if you don’t win the fight because it’s the overall battle that is more important. THAT is what people remember and the reason you will always have support.  Because even now there are those who wonder why the hell Secretary of State Clinton has her own so called *branch* of the Democratic party. Why there are those who refer to themselves as *clinton dems*. Why she has websites and blogs tracking her every movement. Or those like myself that have a Internet handle or blog in her name.  Because even though they attempted to tell me that she was *racist* and as a *black woman* I am a  *sellout*, yes, they called me that to include the derogatory term one of “hillary’s plantation niggas”. I didn’t give a flying fuck then, and even more so now I could care less. Because these individuals only know how to *fight* behind a computer screen. They need a *majority* to be able to have the heart to speak up.  They need more than one person to tell them there ideas and solutions are right because they can’t think on there own.

The Democratic party does not have a big tent. But Clinton does. She has liberals, moderates, progressives and even Republicans and anyone not believing that must of missed the individual republicans in PA switching over just to have the chance to cast there vote.  I understand that she is part of a administration of the person who has the title that rightfully belong to her. She supports our president, I support her, and the OFFICE of the president. But I will never support what I personally first hand witnessed during the past year. Never.  But I will support real leaders with real values that reflect the values of this country and the people and I will fight tooth and nail to never witness this country fall or bow down to tyranny.  When you believe in something enough, you are willing, you are literally willing to suffer for it. You are willing to stand up and defend it. You are willing to get out there and fight for it. You are willing to disregard every single individual who will tell you to stand down or suffer the consequences because you know in your heart that what you are witnessing is wrong and you are willing to raise a army against them. Something is not right with this administration. I believe with all my heart that there is a very serious problem. History will tell a story years from now of how we were attempted to be bought down, but there were those who stood up. I cannot in good faith state that everything is as it should be.  I never understood why I was targeted by the *bots* and why they would constantly go on attack because I blog, do video’s and speak my mind. It’s mine. I earned it in Kuwait. I earned it in Bagram. I earned it in Uzbekistan and Iraq and no one can take that away from me.

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