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President Hamid Karzai Makes Plea

May 7, 2009


Afghan President Hamid Karzai has long pleaded with the U.S. to minimize civilian deaths during its operations, contending that such killings undermine support for the fight against the Taliban. Karzai quickly ordered an investigation into this week’s violence.

Well there goes the mission.  I don’t recall anything like this happening before but what should we expect when our own administration gives the impression we are “war criminals”.  Wheres the “plea” for suicide bombers to stop strapping bombs to themselves and killing soldiers?  Wheres the “plea” for them to stop using mortars and IED’s?  Or are we expendable?  Exactly what side is this administration on?  If we are going to act this way for the next four years and get accused of any and everything. Why even send us there? What? Next will we begin to deploy without weapons and protective gear so we can show how humble we can be at the price of losing our life because now, it’s no longer important because you know, it’s all our fault anyway.

I know everyone likes to believe that we are just “mysteriously” being killed and that the individuals doing it are just “misunderstood”.  But I have a sick feeling that this is something to expect for the next four years.  I wish they would just come out and state how they really feel in this administration because it does not take a rocket scientist to see that it’s not our  lives being lost in Iraq and Afghanistan that are considered  important. The words  just don’t coincide with the actions.  It’s time for some to face the truth and the writing on the wall because when you combine this with other incidents that has happened, you would have to be a literal idiot and a fool to believe for a minute we wont cater to the islamic community the next four years. Hell they erased there presence off of every single report in regards to terrorist organizations as if they don’t exist to even include the word. If you are in the military in my opinion, your screwed.

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