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Yes We Did, Yes We Can & Yes We Will

May 8, 2009

Yes, we did achieve so many things and achieve so many accomplishments by individuals who believed that one day we would be a nation of laws and not a lawless nation. Yes, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves with hard work and effort while understanding that a help up with tools and resources are a whole lot better than a free hand out. We will begin to move forward on a path to prosperity as soon as we move those obstacles out the way on the  path of defeat we are currently traveling.

Watching liberals has become fascinating.  In the sense that they don’t understand the idea that you don’t walk *lock step* with those of the same *party* because you should walk *lock step with the ideals they were founded on.  That is what I do not understand this constant need to support the words of the people within the party and not the foundation it was built on.  Anyone can place a “D” or a “R” behind there name. Does that mean they automatically adhere to the principles of the party they are in?

A article on Daily Kos, a blog I observe frequently because, well, it just simply amazing how some think. Well this article is fascinating in itself:


Thu May 07, 2009 at 10:53:52 PM PDT

Yeah, yeah, I will change the title as soon as the first complaint comes in.

the niceties must be observed. (original title, STAND. THE.  FUCK. UP.)

But listen up….Lefties…and the rest of you here who nominally pretend to be. The game is fucking on.

The GOP is dead. Muerte, Ka-fucking-put.

And yet STILL we are not getting the CHANGE we fucking need.

Because of you.

Because YOU are being reasonable. Because YOU are being patient.

Because YOU are not being heard. And you are NOT being heard because you are NOT ……STANDing. THE.  FUCK. UP.

Because YOU trust that the system will work, because you trust Obama ….because YOU trust Obama will do YOUR fucking job for you.

But as great and brilliant a man as Barack Obama is…and he is…he can not do YOUR FUCKING JOB.

And your fucking job is very simple right now.

YOUR job is to STAND. THE.  FUCK. UP.

I consider myself a progressive but not the kind some normally think of when they hear thevword. In the sense that there are principles in both parties that I like.  But the thing is, I look at  the *principles* within a party the same way I look at our NCO creed. As guidelines.  Guidelines that allow the leader to not only understand the principles but use common sense and your own judgement as well.  Case in point Sectary of State Clinton who is a prime example.  I supported her based on her past documented and researchable policies and the plans she intended to implement.  I believed and still do that experience is necessary and OJT is not something that should be a requirement for the highest office in our nation.

See, the thing is, she motivated people by her actions, while teh liberals were motivated by there candidates words.  They were looking for hope, while we were looking for inspiration to lead to change, but implementing solutions, based on actions.  Liberals you believe solely in *words*.  You place your hope and faith and trust on *just words* and you will be burned each and every time.  Case in point, Speaker Pelosi lying about being briefed on enhanced interrogation in 2002.  So desperate in wanting to *believe*, you literally blocked out the fact that there is no way in hell there were Democrats who would not know.

Not only that, but you put down, degraded and insulted your OWN intelligence community. Even worse, you actually attempted to prosecute those who gave legal advice or legal opinions in memo format. Those memo’s mean absolutely nothing. Why? Because it was “advice” given, opinions given on what “could” be and not necessarily what was.   They have set a dangerous precedent because in allowing your anger to get the best of you.  You never realized that four years down the line, someone else could attempt to hold THIS administration accountable for actions during our war time mission.  It’s not so simple now huh? When it comes to national security and protecting this country all bets are off because we cannot think of solely ourselves because we have to understand that what affects us, affects the global community. But the biggest transgression is the belief some are above the laws we govern by and actually believe people have zero idea of what is going on.  That will  not only be the downfall but the destruction of *both* parties and could lead to a viable third one when history tells a story of how it all went down and came about.  I honestly believe in my heart as the truth and more is known and come to light there will be a sweeping change in 2010 that will be unprecedented that no amount of campaign money will fix. 

And if we back down on security measures to satisfy solely one group of people, than that means everything else will fail and this country could possible fall and if it do, we won’t be the only ones to go down.  We maintain our standing by governing with a big stick and smart power, pay ATTENTION.  We should never convey a weakness because it will be exploited.  When it comes to security we should all be on the same sheet a music and on board. That is why even if you literally hate the opposition party, everyone needs to be at the table to prevent the current chaotic situation that we have now.

They need to adjust that table to reflect individuals from different sections, parties and agencies so everyone will have the exact same information so we can prevent a issue like this from happening again and becoming someone platform to get elected or reelected.  The problem is, there using the past mistakes of past administrations and anger to get support from there followers. And THAT is why you can’t *excite* your base because the only tool you have to excite them is based on hate, smears, race baiting, smear campaigns and lies. 

You know nothing about how to fight without using the actions of the past administration. Without resorting to *your racist* for those who don’t agree.  You wield the *ethnicity* card like a sword. As if we, African Americans will not have anything if you don’t support certain policies.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we were born from dissent. With individuals who fought for our rights to equal representation and one thing we know how to do and do well is fight for a cause. So don’t use the *minority* card to give the impression we can’t do something on our own.  Because, yes we did, yes we can and yes we will always progress and move foreward based on perseverance and the knowledge that some things are always worth fighting for even if you have to do it on your own. Maybe if you start believing in something and not just someone, you might begin to find your *fighting spirit*.

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