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The *Base* Long Awaited Speech, Karzai gives Advice & Free Speeches, literally

May 9, 2009

Score one for the *base*.  It would seem that the long awaited and anticipated speech in a Muslim capital  to make them happy will commence in June.  How lovely:

Obama pledged during the campaign to address the Muslim world from a Muslim capital within the first few months of taking office. Picking a site proved challenging for a range of reasons — from diplomacy to security — and the decision took longer than expected, with Obama commissioning options from a research team.

Having settled on Egypt, the White House today announced that he is adding a stop there to his early June overseas trip. That trip will also take him to Normandy, France, for the anniversary of D-Day, and to the Buchenwald concentration camp and Dresden, Germany.

Choosing Egypt will inevitably bring comparisons with a major speech that then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave in Cairo 2005, urging democracy and reform in the Middle East.

Well, the only thing we can hope for is that we don’t have to listen to too many apologies, being put down, or any of the other things that normally depress those who are truly proud of what this country has to offer.  It’s sad that people have to *fear* what will be said.  Especially those *cringing* on the inside and wonder how much more depressing, morale dropping rhetoric we will have to hear.  Everytime things start looking bad, the administration pulls out one of the campaign *gifts* like a reject version of santa claus to make people happy.   Hopefully someone will take in consideration the fact that listening to anti america rhetoric is not something those deployed or in garrison will want to hear. But I am sure there will be those who flock to the speech to see the unelievable. Back to back episodes on the last administration or how now we will now be *global citizens* , how were sorry, how things will be different now etc etc.

And the media, being the paid whores they are, well some, will make a big deal out of it and magnify every insult directed our way and highlight it as praise to include bogus polls on how *popular* this administration is.  Someone should really tell them that  people do NOT like there country being put down by others in someone else’s country.

Weighing in on what *we* should do, Karzai offers up some advice that sounds like it could of jumped off the pages of the past campaign:


Karzai briefed a small group of reporters because of what he said are fundamental misperceptions in the United States about his country.

“The Taliban and Al Qaeda often communicate with the outside world better than we do,” he said, adding that he has deep gratitude to the U.S. for joining Afghanistan on a “journey that began seven years ago — The War on Terror. ” 

However, he said that “a War on Terror cannot only be won with financial resources or military power. You have to have a higher moral platform.”

“The War is not in Afghan homes. It is in the sanctuaries and training grounds and the financial system that backs it,” Karzai said, noting that his he is satisfied from his meetings with Obama that the two nations “are now on a platform of seeing eye to eye on the issues.”

Karzai faces re-election in August, and Friday marks the deadline for presidential nominations. The president said he expects the election will be conducted fairly.

Apparently someone has been paying very close attention because this could of been written by som-

When we speak of corruption we mean when large sums of money are lost in the process of contracts and subcontracts,” Karzai said. “Of the $32 billion that the world has given us, only $6 billion has gone to the Afghan government. We are fully accountable and responsible for the $6 billion spent through our government.”

A World Bank official told FOX News that the bank did not say no corruption has been seen with funds that go directly to the Afghan government, but that the Afghan government has created adequate processes and safeguards which mitigate the risk of corruption. The official added that the money is going to the purposes outlined in the budget and has resulted in
demonstrable achievements that make the nation more accountable. 

For these reasons we have long been strong advocates that donors should put more
funds through the Afghan national budget (all of the World Bank’s own assistance
goes through the budget), and we have taken actions to facilitate this, like
establishing and administering the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund

We are fucking screwed.  Seriously. How can anyone not realize and look past what some want you to see and here and view what is actually there?   When Karzai dropped by did he get campaign advice and free samples of  past speeches  as well and  the *gropergate*  speech writer to help toss out a couple of free lines amended and adusted to fit there community? 

Or what about this:

Karzai said an attack in the province of Farah on Monday that reportedly caused the greatest civilian casualties since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 has stoked anger among ordinary people and inflamed local populations. As many as 147 people reportedly were killed when U.S. troops launched an aerial attack after being called in by the Afghan police force overwhelmed by fighting with Taliban militants.

Pakistan has also warned about aerial and drone attacks on high value targets, which officials say just stirs support for the Taliban. However, a joint U.S.-Afghan investigation is underway over the air strike after NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan said Wednesday that preliminary evidence suggests at least some of the casualties were not caused by the U.S. bombardment. 

“There is no doubt that the casualties were high and some were caused by bombing. Air power did play an important part in civilian casualties,” Karzai said. 

Okay you got an election. Is this someones attempt to say that they are *bitching* the U.S now?  Giving the impression that now we don’t hold the power we used to? Can’t help but look at it that way because I am attempting to picture these remarks  and accusations  being made in the last administration and can’t seem to get the picture to unfold.  People are getting bold.  They know that based on the past campaign message from the last two years that any accusation of so called *wrong doing* will have people reacting before even bothering to check the facts. Case in point the “patriot act” story that had those in the *librul* blogoshere advocating for someone’s release without all the facts.

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