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Guantanamo Bay will Be the Democratic Parties Down Fall

May 3, 2009

I was the first to state that the witch trial  lawsuits true intent was based on wanting the ability to lock up troops for perceived infractions based on the words of our own people here and information they released to help the other side. Those  in the MSM who got that email I sent know this to be true. The Democratic party will end up making a choice.  When this choice is made we will have all the answers that we seek. Will they choose to back and stand behind a campaign promise and pander to the left to piss off the right. Or will they choose to stand behind the safety of our country and the welfare of  our people and stop the politial posturing.

If they choose the former, I am unable, no, I refuse to support any actions that are a direct conflict with what I know to be true, our oath is simple. I do not belong to the left wing or the right wing, I support those who support us and those who represent us, and those who believe in the laws within this country and that we are a nation of laws.  I will stand against anyone who don’t hold this belief.  Because it is literally irresponsible,AND  inconcievable that anyone would not have a plan with something that is so huge.  The task of closing Gitmo is not just about detainee’s. There is more at stake.  But even more, there is no plan which is extremely dangerous.

If they execute this plan to just let people go or bring them here. At least have a PLAN and not just words.  Because, yes, the facilities they will be located at will become terrorists hot spots.  This isnt fear mongoring, this is understanding that terrorism exists.

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